Your waste and recycling collections calendar

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Your 2019 collections calendar is ready for download

There are 15 different collection calendars for residents across the city. Take a look at the top right-hand corner of your current 2018 calendar for your version code (eg. MON/A or THURS/W)


Don't have your 2018 collections calendar?

Plug your postcode into the council's collection day finder to download the right calendar for your property.

We are always happy to send physical calendars to anyone who would prefer a hardcopy. If you have any questions or would like to request a physical collection calendar, please contact us.







Icon Monday A (1.3 MB)

Icon Monday B (1.3 MB)

Icon Monday Weekly (1.2 MB)



Icon Tuesday A (1.3 MB)

Icon Tuesday B (1.3 MB)

Icon Tuesday Weekly (1.2 MB)



Icon Wednesday A (1.3 MB)

Icon Wednesday B (1.3 MB)

Icon Wednesday Weekly (1.2 MB)



Icon Thursday A (1.3 MB)

Icon Thursday B (1.3 MB)

Icon Thursday Weekly (1.2 MB)



Icon Friday A (1.3 MB)

Icon Friday B (1.3 MB)

Icon Friday Weekly (1.2 MB)