Over the festive season, we thought you might like some tips and advice on how we can all waste less food and save more money.

Each year in the UK, over the festive season, we throw away the equivalent of …

  • 2 million turkeys
  • 5 million Christmas puddings
  • 74 million mince pies
  • £67 million worth of oranges – those essential stocking fillers


Working together we aim to:

  • Help you reduce the amount of food wasted - good for your purse
  • Inspire you to reuse your leftovers - fab news for your family
  • Show you how to recycle your unavoidable food waste - brilliant benefits for Bristol



Planning perfection

  • Overbuying and overcooking wastes food and money
  • Check out the BBC's Christmas portion planner to help you work out how much to cater for larger groups
  • Plan the meals in advance and stick to your shopping list. Why not ask your guests if they actually like Xmas pud?


The freezer is your friend

  • Eat up frozen food in the weeks before Christmas to make space in the freezer
  • If the use-by date is coming up, freezing food can buy extra time
  • Almost anything can be frozen, including smoked salmon, vegetables and dairy products


Love what’s left


What do you do if you have unavoidable food waste?

  • Please put it in your brown food caddy - don't have a caddy? Order one here or call 0117 922 2100
  • You can put your food waste in compostable liners or wrap in newspaper BUT you can also use clear or white plastic bags


What goes in your brown food caddy?

One person's annual food waste makes enough electricity to power

  • A fridge for 2 months
  • A desktop PC for 3 weeks
  • The charging of an iPhone over 2 thousand times

Just remember that your food waste is collected weekly and so avoids any whiffy black wheelie bins!

If you have any questions about food waste contact us.