All you need to know about waste and recycling over the holiday season

As we know this is a busy and tricky time of year - for all of us - so we thought it might be useful to let you have some information about your seasonal waste and recycling to ease the holiday stress.


We too will be taking some time off at our depots so there will be no collections on 25th and 26th December or the 1st January.

But don’t worry, we’ll be working three extra Saturdays to catch up – the 30th December, 6th and 13th January.

Please try and be patient with us.  It’s quite the operation to clear up after ‘the season to be jolly’ – but we always get there.

Normal collections will resume on Monday 15th January which begins our ‘Week A’ rounds.

We’ve put together all the collection dates and you can download your calendar for your fridge.



If you’re making extra room at home and need to get rid of some of those larger items, or if you have an excess of packaging that won’t fit in your recycling boxes, then why not take it to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres (‘tips’). Do please note though that these will also be closed on 25th and 26th December and the 1st January.

Don’t forget to bring your ID with you as we now want to ensure that it’s Bristol residents we provide this excellent service for.


You'll notice on your new collection calendar that a yellow tree symbol marks the day we’ll be collecting from your home. Please put your tree out where you would put your normal refuse or recycling for us to collect. 
Real trees only please – they all go to make compost.


Eat, drink and be merry for sure but check out our Festive Food For Thought page to see how to waste less, save money and make sure that any unavoidable food waste goes in your brown food waste caddies. Fun fact: food waste is a valuable resource for Bristol and is transformed in to energy to help power our city.


Having had your annual ‘by post’ contact with some of your family, friends and possibly long-lost pals, why not put your cards in the recycling boxes and let them live on becoming new paper, or packaging – maybe even for next year’s present wrapping!

Here’s a few tips about recycling the cards.

Alternatively, why not get creative straight away and make them in to gift tags for the next round of ‘giving’?


Unfortunately, we cannot recycle your wrapping paper because most of it has either a plastic or foil coating and that would mean contamination of our paper stream sademoji.png .

But why not get creative with that present wrapping? Here’s some fantastic ideas of what to do with it.  Who doesn’t like bunting and bows?

Just a thought… why not choose to wrap the pressies you give this year in something recyclable? You could use bright material, brown paper or even a colourful magazine? All of which can be recycled.


We’ve all been there. Dug out the fairy lights to adorn your tree and they aren’t working. If it’s not just as simple as needing a new bulb, please don’t throw them in your black wheelie bin, or they will end up in landfill.  Pop them in your black recycling box or take them to one of our household waste recycling centres and we’ll make sure they are put to good use.


Didn’t like or use what granny gave you last year? Why not re-gift it to someone who will?

Alternatively, there are plenty of charity shops to donate them to so others can feel the love.


Overused the remote this festive season? Kids drained their gadgets? Please put your used batteries out for recycling in the black box. So that these don’t get in with any other recyclable materials it would be ace if you could put them in a clear plastic bag so they are easily identifiable.
Hope this helps. Any other questions feel free to get in touch.
Bristol Waste wishes Bristol residents a safe and sustainable season.