The Bristol Clean Streets Forum brings together volunteers and community activists, council officers, councillors, the police and Bristol Waste to work together to improve the street scene and waste management in Bristol.

We know there are lots of people in Bristol who volunteer their own time and effort to improve where they live. We also know that these people are a valuable resource with insights and expertise gleaned from their voluntary work. The forum provides a platform for volunteers and activists to share these insights and to highlight where and how we can improve the services we provide. 
We currently meet quarterly at City Hall on College Green – dates for future meetings are published below, click on the links to look at agendas and notes from previous meetings.


Previous meeting minutes

View all documents from our previous Clean Streets Forum meetings


Next meeting

The next meeting is:
6-8pm Tuesday 21 January 2020
City Hall, Bristol City Council


About the forum

The forum has agreed the overarching aims and objectives below to guide its activities.
An open, honest and positive forum for members to provide feedback to the council and service providers, and for the council and service providers to provide feedback and updates on issues raised, projects and initiatives, and day to day services.
To provide forum members with the opportunity to highlight and guide priorities for the council and service providers and to work collaboratively to address these.
Culture and behaviour change
To enable forum members, the council and service providers to work together to bring about change in culture, attitudes and behaviours in relation to waste, litter and street scene issues in the city through education and raising awareness. If necessary, this will be supported by the setting of measurable and time related targets for the improvements and changes.
Public awareness
To use the forum as a platform for raising public awareness of the work of community groups and volunteers, and the contribution they make to the city. The group will use appropriate social media with additional support from the Council’s press and media officers to promote, raise and increase public awareness.
Community of like-minded people
To bring together likeminded people to share ideas, plans and activities, seek inspiration and to provide a central point of contact for residents who would like to get involved but don’t know where to start.

How can the forum help you? 

  • Connect with people in your area who share your enthusiasm for making Bristol clean and tidy. 
  • Give us your input and expertise to help us focus on the things that matter to the citizens of Bristol. 
  • The forum is the place where, with representatives from the council (both council officers and councillors) and Bristol Waste in attendance; you can ask questions, give feedback and help shape the services we provide. 
  • Share your knowledge, experiences and insights with eachother and promote collaboration across the city.


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