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Whether a group wants to tidy up their area, or you want to join in on an organized event, we can help!


Join a Litter Pick

To connect with a group that is holding a litter pick in your area, email us at


Organise a Litter Pick

To organise a litter pick for your group, read the important information below and complete the litter picking request form. Please give us at least one working day's notice of your intended collections date.


Safety first

Bristol Waste takes Health and Safety very seriously. When putting together your littler pick, here are few things to keep in mind:
  • think carefully about the location of your litter pick; is it near a high traffic road or on challenging terrain?
  • be especially careful near roads and keep a close watch on any children involved
  • ensure that all participants are briefed on how to participate in the litter pick safely
  • wear sturdy shoes or boots and not to use your hands to pick up any waste – only use the litter picking sticks provided
  • Download our sample risk assessment form to complete prior to the event


Event and Equipment Details

  • We have a limited amount of equipment which will be loaned on a first come, first served basis.
  • Kits are collected from our depot on Albert Road, Bristol BS2 0XS (please use Gate 1 entrance and enter at the door marked 'Visitors Entrance').
  • Kits must be returned as soon as possible after the event – preferably clean.


Organisers Disclaimer

I understand and agree that:

  • participation in a litter pick is entirely at the participants own risk.
  • it is the borrower’s responsibility to return the loaned items before the end of the loan period in the condition they were at the start of the period. Borrowers are expected to notify the lender of any theft, loss or damage as soon as possible to reduce the risk of disruption to subsequent borrowers.
  • the equipment is issued free of charge. In return for loaning the equipment we would like to receive feedback on the event for promotional purposes.
  • participants are not working for, or on behalf of, Bristol Waste Company or Bristol City Council. Neither party can be held responsible for any loss, theft, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of the actions and omissions of participants or this guidance.
  • any photos provided to Bristol Waste following the litter pick may be used on Bristol Waste’s website, social media channels or press releases to promote the impact of the campaign. Please ensure any individuals consent to having their photograph taken and where children under 18 take part parental consent is recorded.
  • group leaders must ensure a risk assessment and safety briefing is completed prior to the litter pick and that all participants understand the safety risks involved.
  • group leaders must complete the safety checklist provided in the litter picking guidebook and ensure that all participants have signed disclaimer provided when kits are distributed.
  • all participants under the age of 18 are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Reserve a Litter Picking Pack

Bristol Waste Company is committed to protecting and respecting your personal information. Any personal information provided will be treated and processed inline with our Data Protection Policy and Retention Schedule.

Please use DD/MM/YY and provide us with at least one working days notice
This will help us inform our street cleanings operations when to collect the bags.


Privacy Policy

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