Our Litter Picking Packs

Ever thought about getting together with your neighbours, family or friends to do a community litter pick?

We have all you need to help you play your part in supporting the Mayor’s Bristol Clean Streets campaign and keep the city ship shape and Bristol fashion.

How can we help?

We can supply you with:

  • litter picking sticks
  • high visibility tabards
  • bags for collecting recycling or waste
  • hoops to help keep your bags open
  • Plus, we'll even take the waste away for free.

Download our guide book below to look at how to plan, what to think about in terms of health and safety on the day and how to get people involved.

Icon Litter Picking Guidebook (362.3 KB)

Icon Sample Risk Assessment Form (194.4 KB)

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Want to go litter picking more regularly?

We offer litter picking kits on long-term loans to groups in Bristol and only ask that in return we are kept updated on your progress!



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Let us know how you do

Bristol Waste is working in partnership with Mayor Marvin Rees on the city’s first Clean Streets campaign in a bid to make Bristol measurably cleaner by 2020.

Every bag of litter and minute of your time contributes to this campaign and in order to keep the most accurate data, we rely on residents who regularly litter pick to keep us updated on their progress.

Please take a moment after each of your litter picks to fill out this quick form.