Clean Streets Big Tidy

Big Tidy is part of the Mayor’s Clean Streets campaign to bring the sparkle back to our streets.

Our Big Tidy crews are working in neighbourhoods across Bristol to tackle issues such as littering, tagging, fly-tipping and fly-posting, and overgrown areas of vegetation.

Our dedicated teams will be carrying out tasks such as:

  • Jet washing pavements and walls
  • Removing tagging
  • Cutting back overgrown paths to improve accessibility
  • Cleaning benches, bins, and bollards to remove tagging and stickers
  • Replacing bins that are no longer fit for purpose
  • Litter picking
  • Cracking down on littering, fly-tipping and tagging with additional enforcement

Keep an eye out for the Big Tidy teams as we bring the campaign to priority streets in Bristol over the next 12 months. Locations are selected for the Big Tidy based on data including the local environmental quality survey, quality of life survey, fly-tips removed, litter tonnages and reporting.

Our street cleansing crews will be working alongisde community engagement and enforcement teams to ensure our streets stay sparkling, and we'll be returning to each area throughout the year to monitor and remove litter, fly-tipping and tagging.

So far, the Big Tidy has visited Lawrence Hill, Easton and Eastville. The team will next be heading to Filwood, Hartcliffe and Withywood, Hengrove and Whitchurch Park.


The Big Tidy Pledge

Keeping our streets clean and green is a community effort, so we're inviting everyone to join in by making a Big Tidy pledge to bring the sparkle back to their street. We're also inviting businesses across Bristol to make the Big Tidy business pledge here.

Pledges can be as simple as promising to pick up litter as you go about your journey, taking your own litter home to be recycled, or reporting tagging and fly-tipping to the council - one of the easiest steps we can all take to reduce the amount of litter on our streets.

Make the Big Tidy pledge!


Big Tidy Resources

Handy resources to help you get started with your Big Tidy pledge.

Request a litter picking pack from Bristol Waste

Report a street that needs cleaning to Bristol City Council

Report flytipping to Bristol City Council

For businesses: recycling information

Report graffiti or flyposting to Bristol City Council

For businesses: your commercial waste duty of care


Big Tidy Results

Take a look at what we've been up to in the first 3 months since launching the Big Tidy in October 2019:

  • 168 streets, footpaths and bridges sparkling again
  • 558 walls, bridges, benches and bollards cleared of tagging
  • 66 fly-tips removed and investigated
  • 147 legal notices and warnings issued
  • 250+ residents and businesses engaged
  • 200+ Big Tidy pledges made (thank you!)

A photo of an overgrown path next to a photo of the same path cleared. A photo of school gates covered in graffiti next to a photo of the same gates clean and newly painted. A photo of an abandoned car next to a photo showing the car has gone.