Information for landlords and letting agents

Are your tenants doing the right thing with their waste and recycling?

Do your tenants know when their collections are?

We have handy collection calendars for the full year that tenants can download or print off. Tenants can self-serve and download their collection calendar easily from our website.



Would informational leaflets or stickers to identify their bins/boxes be helpful?

We have small stickers to go on boxes stating what should go in each one. We also have stickers to write flat numbers or property numbers on to help identify containers and stop them getting mixed up. Request these from the email address below. If you let us know how many you would like and a delivery address we can post them to you.



Is there proper waste and recycling storage at the property?

Bins and boxes that are left on streets cause an obstruction to pavement users, especially those with pushchairs or wheelchairs, or those who are visually impaired.

Please ensure there is sufficient off-street storage for your tenants' waste and recycling or get in touch with us if you think there is a different collection solution which would suit the property.


Are your tenants sorting their recycling correctly?

In Bristol we have a kerbside sorting system where residents sort recyclable materials into designated recycling boxes. This helps our crews complete their rounds faster and more efficiently. Not sure what goes where or need a refresher? Download our handy recycling leaflet for a brief overview of breakdown, or our detailed Recycling from Home guidebook

Rather watch a quick clip? Hear from our crews what goes where!


Do your tenants know how to order more recycling containers?

Residents can have as many recycling boxes as they need and we encorage properties to also use our box lids to keep materials contained on windy days. Bins, boxes and lids can be ordered for free and we'll deliver them straight to you. 


Do you have usable furniture to donate or need to book a collection for items when your tenants move out?

Charity organisations collect some large, fit-for-purpose items for free so they can be reused:

A Bulky Waste collection can be arranged for a fee where larger items such as mattresses, electrical items, fridges and freezers are collected from the kerbside.

We operatate two Household Waste Recycling Centres where your tenants can bring their waste, recycling and larger bulky items to  dispose of or recycle for free. Waste disposed of by a landlord is trade waste & must be taken to a commercial facility as it is illegal to dispose of such waste at an HWRC.

Please be advised that leaving items out on the kerbside or street can be considered illegal fly-tipping and you could be prosecuted.


Do you or your tenants need further help or advice?

Contact Bristol Waste by email, at or call 0117 304 9022.