A guide to your home waste collection services

These links direct you through to the details of bin and recycling services as listed on the Bristol City Council site.

Bins and recycling collection dates

See when the next waste collection from your home will be


What goes in your bins and boxes

Find out what you should put in your different waste containers or watch this short video which summarises the basics


Order new bins, boxes and lids

Get replacements for lost or damaged bins and boxes


Order grey refuse bags

Only applicable to residents who live directly on Stapleton Road


Missed bin or recycling collection

Tell us if we didn’t pick up your waste when you expected us to


Bulky household item collection

Get us to pick up things that are too big for normal waste collection


Tips and recycling centres

You can get rid of large household items at your nearest recycling centre


Green garden waste and composting

Set up a regular collection of compost or waste from your garden


Clinical household waste (sharps)

Arrange one-off or regular collections of clinical waste


Recycling in flats: mini recycling centres

See what you can recycle if you live in a flat or house of multiple occupancy


If you need help putting bins or boxes out, please call Bristol City Council on 0117 922 2100.