Don’t worry, we’re still recycling

To help us catch up after the Christmas holidays, and to keep on top of the additional recycling the season generates, we are temporarily using ‘co-mingling’ vehicles for some of our rounds.

We will be co-mingling from Friday 27 December 2019 through to 6 January 2020 in some areas. 

Don’t worry if you see one of these vehicles on your street collecting recycling and wonder where it is all going. They are refuse lorries, the ones that you usually see emptying your black refuse wheelie bins, cleaned out and used to collect all dry recycling instead. Our crews typically use two of their own wheelie bins for this process.
The vehicle will go to a site in Avonmouth where the materials are manually sorted, so any waste that may have inadvertently been tipped into the lorry will be separated from the recycling.
This process simply helps us collect the recycling quicker, getting us back on track and out your way as soon as possible.