Coronavirus Service Update - Thursday 16 April 2020

Reuse and Recycling Centres reopening from Monday (Wednesday 13 May 2020)

From Monday 18 May 2020 our Avonmouth and St Philip's Reuse and Recycling Centres will reopen for essential journeys. While we are reopening recycling centres, this is not a return to normal. Strict social distancing will be in place and numbers able to access the site will be very limited.

We ask the public to limit their journeys and only travel to a recycling centre if it is absolutely essential to do so and the items cannot be safely stored at home until social distancing measures are lifted. We also ask for people to sort their waste before arriving at the site and ensure they are able to move it themselves or with someone from the same household.

For the first two weeks an odd and even number plate system will be in place, which means residents will only be able to visit on certain days. We will also temporarily only be permitting cars and small vans (you will need a permit for a van) – no transit type vans or vehicles with trailers will be allowed. Find out more about how this works here.

We may have to close the site at short notice if numbers are not manageable, or due to further disruption as a result of Covid-19. This is not something we want to do, and we hope will not be necessary.

Please be patient with our staff as they work hard to keep you safe. Let’s stay safe and look after each other at this difficult time.

Garden and bulky waste collection services reinstated  (Thursday 16 April 2020)

Thanks to the continued dedication of our crews, and improved staffing levels, we will be reintroducing garden waste and bulky waste collections from Monday 20 April. 

We are continually reviewing our services and our priority remains the continuation of our essential waste and recycling services. If the situation changes and we experience further staff shortages due to the coronavirus crisis we may have to re-suspend garden waste and bulky waste collections. 

Garden Waste

If you have a garden waste subscription, please present your green bin on your usual collection date. You can also book a garden sack collection. We are unable to take any additional waste presented alongside your green bin. 

Bulky Waste

You will be able to book a bulky waste collection via the usual system from Monday 20 April. 

Missed collections update (Thursday 2 April 2020)

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our crews, we are ensuring all our essential waste and recycling services keep running smoothly. However, like many, we are currently operating with a reduced number of staff. In order to deliver our core services, such as refuse and recycling collections, some of our non-essential services are temporarily suspended.

From today we are currently unable to return for missed collections. We are working hard to maintain our core refuse and recycling services for residents, however, due to the reduced capacity of our crews as a result of the coronavirus crisis, we are currently unable to return.

Missed collections update

We are currently unable to return for missed collections. We are working hard to maintain our core refuse and recycling services for residents, however due to the reduced capacity of our crews as a result of the coronavirus crisis, we are currently unable to return.

Only those who believe they have a missed Assisted Collection, Clinical Waste or Clinical Upgrade Collection, or Chargeable Collection can contact the council on 0117 922 2100 and select option 1.

Recycling collections are still taking place weekly, so please sort as much as possible. Other waste will need to be stored until your next scheduled collection.

Did you know nearly 60% of what goes in the average black wheelie bin in Bristol can be recycled? You can help reduce the amount going in your black bin by sorting and separate your clean, dry recycling. All food waste should be removed from any packaging and placed in your brown food caddy. You can watch this handy short amination to understand what you need to do.

There are handy hints on tips on reducing and reusing your waste below:

Slim my waste FAQs
At a glance recycling guide
Garden waste solutions
Making use of your freezer to reduce food waste
Some easy batch cooking ideas

For all other scheduled collections

  • Present all containers by 6.00AM every time, rounds could change at any time
  • Ensure all recycling is presented correctly and in the correct containers
  • Ensure wheelie bin lid is shut and not too heavy. No side waste will be taken.

In the meantime we would like to ask everyone to avoid placing extra strain on our services and delay any projects which may generate additional waste or recycling.

Thanks again for the continued support you have been showing our crews as they continue to work on the front line during this pandemic.

Bin delivery service suspended

Our bin delivery service has been suspended to enable us to continue to deliver essential waste and recycling services.

If you do not currently have the correct bin or box, please follow the guidance below:

Black wheelie bin – any residual waste should be presented in tied bin bags and presented on your usual collection day.

Green box/black box/blue bag - Please continue to separate your items (cans & plastics, card, paper, glass) and place in untied bags. We will not be able to collect mixed bags of recycling.


Coronavirus waste

Please help keep yourselves and our crews safe by following the advice shared by Public Health England and DEFRA in relation to personal coronavirus waste, such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths. These items should be double-bagged, tied securely and kept separate from other waste for 72 hours, before being placed in your black wheelie bin.

Business and trade waste

The Avonmouth Business Waste Transfer Station will continue to operate for commercial, charged for waste.

Site users must observe social distancing at the weighbridge and when tipping. Waste must be separated as normal.


Reuse Shop

The opening of the Reuse Shop is on hold for the time being.