Alternative ways to deal with garden waste

We've put together a few ideas for managing garden waste at home.


Making your own compost at home is one of the best ways to manage your garden waste. It adds nutrients to to soil and improves the soil structure. You don’t need a special bin or a large area and you can start a compost heap anywhere in your garden.
Here are some top tips on how to start composting

Leave your lawn

If you can, reduce how often you mow the lawn. Let the grass grow for a while to create a mini meadow in your garden which small creatures will love. Wildflowers already in your lawn will grab their opportunity to bloom and the longer grass will create a sheltered environment for insects. 

March is the month to mulch

Mulch is a layer of material (you can use grass cuttings) put on the surface of soil which helps to retain moisture in the soil, improving soil fertility and health as well as reducing weed growth. 


Use branches from cutting back trees and bushes as supports for other plants later in the year

If you have cut the grass, don't put it straight into your green bin to store; it will make the bin very heavy and start to smell as it rots. If you can, spread it out over a small area for a few days to dry out before you put it in the bin.