Festive Food for Thought

Here are some tips and advice on how we can all waste less food and save more money over the holiday season.


Did you know that over the course of each festive season, in the UK we throw away the equivalent of…

  • 2 million

  • 5 million Christmas puddings

  • 74 million mince pies

  • £67 million worth of oranges – those essential stocking fillers


We're sure it won't take much convincing to show you that these numbers are way too high. So, what can we do?

We're here to help you reduce the amount of food wasted, inspire you to reuse your leftovers and show you how to recycle your unavoidable food waste.


1. Planning perfection

Overbuying and overcooking wastes food and money. Check out the BBC's Christmas portion planner to help you work out how much to cater for larger groups.


2. Resist the urge to splurge

Plan your meals in advance and stick to your shopping list. Sure Christmas Pudding is a classic, but are you sure your guests actually like it?

3. Use up what you don't need

If you're planning for leftovers, you better make room for them. Go through your frozen food in the weeks before Christmas and make space in the freezer by finally using up that bulky shoulder joint and bag of brocolli.

4. The freezer is your friend

Speaking of your freezer, use it lovingly. If the use-by date is coming up, freezing food can buy you some extra time. Almost anything can be frozen, including smoked salmon, vegetables and dairy products.

5. Love what’s left

Photo: Fitday.com
Leftovers are perfect for the following day’s lunch - who doesn't love a bubble and squeak? You can even get creative and use the roast turkey in a curry or a casserole. Our friends at Love Food Hate Waste have some fantastic leftovers recipe ideas that you should really check out.

6. What do you do if you have unavoidable food waste?

Tea bags, egg shells, peelings should all go into your brown food waste bin so they can be transformed into energy for Bristol. Don't have a bin or caddy? Order one here or call 0117 922 2100.

Recycling your food is easy, simply put your food waste into compostable liners, wrap in newspaper or use a small carrier bag in your kitchen caddy. When it's full, tie or wrap it up and place into your food bin for us to collect on recycling day.


What food can be recycled?


What happens to the food we recycle?

It gets converted into energy for Bristol! Find out more