We're working to tidy up the Montpelier and Bishopston areas

Our project is aimed at improving the street scene, reducing flytipping and removing unsightly broken and abandoned recepticals which cause issues for residents

Through targeted action in the area, coupled with a heavy effort to educate all residents, Bristol Waste aims to improve the street scene in the Montpelier and Bishopston areas of the city. Based on the research we conducted throughout September with residents, community leaders and groups as well as local councillors, we've identified the need to reduce the number of boxes and bins that obstruct the pavement, and to help residents in this area how they can recycle more.

To achieve this, we're taking three steps to improve the area.

Step 1: Remove broken and abandoned recycling boxes and bins in the area

We are removing broken and abandoned recycling boxes that have been left out on the pavement, as they attract litter and restrict pedestrian access. In addition, we are emptying problematic recycling boxes that do not block the pavement, but continue to attract litter.

Montpelier4.jpg Montpelier3.jpg


Step 2: Remove wheelie bins that are blocking the pavement on Gloucester Road and Cheltenham Road

We are removing black wheelie bins on Gloucester Road and Cheltenham Road which were kept on the pavement between collections as these obstruct the pavement and attract fly tipping.

Flats above shops with no outside space for a bin have been identified as lacking suitable storage space for wheelie bins between collections. As a result, rubbish is collected weekly on Gloucester Road and Cheltenham Road and residents can put out black bin bags for collection rather than using a wheelie bin.

This is aimed at helping residents manage their waste and recycling better while keeping the streets clean and tidy.

Step 3: Educate, educate, educate

One of the comments we frequently heard in our research is that residents would like more information on how they can recycle more. To that end, we're reaching out to every house, flat and maisonette to ensure that residents have all the tools they need to recycle as much as possible.

All households are being door knocked with the help of our friends from Resource Futures and given a letter detailing the project. These letters include a handy leaflet on what can be recycled and stickers residents can use to label their containers with their property number.

We are also reaching out to landlords and property managers with information on the project so that they may also address any waste-related needs with their tenants.

If you live in the area, have not received a letter and would like further information on the project or how to recycle more, please get in touch with us at hello@bristolwastecompany.co.uk or 0117 304 9022.