It’s that time of year again...

...when Bristol comes together to show the city a bit of love before the nights draw in and all the leaves fall from the trees.

Whether you feel your street, your local park or your route to work could do with a spruce up, we’ll provide you with all the kit you need to get the job done. We can even publicise your event if you want to encourage extra helpers.

We loan out:
  • Long handled litter pickers - so you don’t need bend down
  • Hi vis vests - so you’re visible and safe
  • And bags for general waste and recycling
After you’re done just let us know where the bags are, and we’ll pick it up for free.

Work in a Bristol business? Then why not encourage your colleagues to join in and make sure your customers get a great first impression of you? It can be a great team building experience getting out in the fresh air and doing something to help tidy up your local area.
If you’re interested in organising a litter pick (at any time of the year) or would like to join a local group then:
Email the team or call 0117 304 9022  

Mayor Marvin Rees said:

I continue to be filled with pride by the scale of commitment the people of Bristol have in taking practical action to clean up our city.



We have hundreds of litter picking kits available for use all year round, but doing a concentrated drive really makes a visible difference to our streets and parks.