About the Challenge

How low can you go?

The Bristol #WasteNothing Challenge supports households to drastically reduce the amount of waste they produce over the course of a year, with the ultimate goal of reaching zero waste.

Bristol Waste and our #WasteNothing Partners provide guidance and resources to participating households including a starter kit of reusable items, free or discounted workshops and activities, discounts at partner shops, a supportive online forum, and a programme of actions to follow throughout the year. 

To keep a record of their progress, households are given scales to weigh and log their waste and recycling every week.

In April 2019, 50 households took on the #WasteNothing Challenge. Find out how they are getting on here:

We are looking for 100 households from across Bristol to take part in the next round of the #WasteNothing Challenge starting in May 2020. Could you Take the Challenge?