Covering and containing your recycling

We're making changes to what we provide residents to cover their recycling boxes

Covering your recycling box helps keep your recycling contained on windy days, dry on wet days and prevents others from adding waste or unrecyclable materials to your recycling. As a business with a high focus on health and safety, we have decided to move from issuing nets to cover green boxes and will be distributing lids instead.

Not only do nets pose serious issues for wildlife, but they have also resulted in injuries to our staff when they become caught on our vehicles. For these reasons, we are gradually phasing nets out. When ordering new covers for your recycling boxes, residents are now only given the option to receive a lid. 


How do I order a lid?

You can order a lid online by completing a short online form or by calling 0117 922 2100.

I currently use a net, will my recycling still be collected?

If you currently use a net, don't worry we will still collect your recycling. If you require a replacement in the future, you will be given a lid instead.


Will you be collecting nets from residents?

We currently have no plans to collect nets from residents and instead encourage you to get creative and think of ways they can be reused. 

My new lid doesn't fit my old box.

The new lids fit all our current recycling boxes - black and green - however if you receive a lid that does not fit your current recycling box, please let us know by emailing us or calling 0117 304 9580.

Have questions that aren't answered here? Send us a quick email or call us at 0117 304 9580.