Pack your new cardboard bag

Starting late November, we are trialling a different method of collection for cardboard, via a new blue reusable bag, with around 3400 households in the Stockwood area to establish if this method makes collections faster and easier for both residents and our operatives.

Bags will be delivered to residents on 27th & 28th November and collections will begin week commencing 3rd December, 2018.

Each household in the trial area will be provided with a new blue reusable bag to use for their cardboard instead of placing it in the green box.

Cardboard is all around us

We use approximately 5 billion card board boxes every year, that's around 83 boxes per person and that means a lot of cardboard going into your recycling boxes.

Pack your bag!

Remove any tape, fold or cut your cardboard down and put it in your new blue bag. Don't forget cardboard from other rooms like the bathroom (hello, loo rolls!) and please don't put any cardboard that is heavily contaminated with food into this bag.

Put this bag out for collection with your other recycling on your collection day. Do not use this bag for any other materials or you risk it not being collected.

What happens to the cardboard that is recycled?

Cardboard can be recycled and transformed into new boxes in as little as 14 days! After we collect the card, it is sorted, baled and sent to the paper mill where it gets pulped, cleaned, sieved, dried and rolled. Finally, it is turned back into cardboard products and the cycle begins again.

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