Are you ready to 'Slim Your Waste'?

Did you know that the average Bristol black wheelie bin is nearly a quarter filled with food? Starting in June, Bristol Waste will work to show Bristol residents that using one of our friendly food caddies for all your food waste can save you cash, power the city and help the planet! 


Your food waste deserves better than the bin!

We're reaching out to Bristol residents this summer with plenty of reasons why they should give a food waste caddy a go, including:

  • helping you reduce the amount of food wasted in your home - good for your purse
  • inspiring you to reuse your leftovers - fab news for your family
  • showing you how to recycle your unavoidable food waste - brilliant benefits for Bristol

What can go into your food caddy?

Let our crews explain!

Don’t have a food caddy or bin?

Order one for free!

Want to learn more?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions!

Have your stickers? Personalise your bin and post or tweet a photo using the hashtags #FeedMyFace or #SlimMyWaste and you might win one of our weekly prizes!

Week one's winner done by Lucy on Instagram
The winner of week two is Linda from Facebook

Week three's winner is Lisa from Twitter, who was shocked when her children asked “Can we play with food bin?”
Week four's winners are the lovely trio posted by Rosio on Twitter!
Week five goes to Robin from Instagram for their scared little bin!
Week six's prize goes to Sofia (the food waste bin!) and family from Twitter

Week seven's prize goes to Catherine on FB who decorated this for her 86-year-old mother!


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