Food waste trial a success in Hartcliffe

Initial findings are in from our food waste trial Slim My Waste – Feed My Face run in Hartcliffe throughout October and they show high levels of engagement and encouraging results. 

Our highly visual Slim My Waste - Feed My Face campaign was aimed at diverting food waste from residents’ black refuse bins and encouraging them to use their brown food waste caddies.  It's important for us as Bristol’s food waste generates energy for our city. 

We gave out nearly 1000 new brown food caddies during the campaign.

10.5 tonnes of food waste was collected in the month before the trial compared to 19.6 tonnes collected in the month after the trial. That’s a staggering 87% increase and could be used to charge an IPad over 75000 times.

Our findings show that comparing the month before the trial with that after, there has been a 9% increase in households using brown food caddies and a 10% decrease of general waste in wheelie bins.

Tracey Morgan, Managing Director of Bristol Waste said:

“We are very encouraged by the findings of our ‘Slim My Waste’ campaign. We will continue to monitor activity in the area but results clearly indicate a sizeable uplift of food waste collected at the kerbside. This might mean rolling elements of ‘Slim My Waste’ out in other parts of the city. We’d like to thank the residents of Hartcliffe for all their efforts and hope the great work continues.”

We selected this area of Bristol to test the idea that by playfully putting the black bins on a ‘no-food diet’ (Slim My Waste) and getting residents to engage with their caddies, by personalising them with stickers (Feed My Face), it would bring more awareness about the issue of food waste.

Putting a very visible ‘Slim My Waste’ tape measure around all the wheelie bins caused quite a stir in the area but initial findings from the campaign indicate it to be having a positive impact.

As well as stickering, the Slim My Waste – Feed My Face campaign used social media, presence in a local supermarket, household leaflet drops and educational workshops and assemblies in the local school.

Photos from Hartcliffe

In addition, project partners GENeco, a multi-award winning recycling and renewable energy company who process Bristol’s food waste, provided a tour and information on what happens to our waste to interested residents.

Richard McCluskey, Solid Bioresources Manager at GENeco said:

"It's great to see so many households recycling their food waste. By doing so, residents are recycling their waste in the most sustainable way and actually creating renewable energy that can power homes and even power transport."

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