Fly-tippers, beware!

In partnership with Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Team and as part of the Mayor’s Clean Streets campaign, we are running Operation Waste Watch in effort to catch offenders red-handed.

The campaign focuses on positioning covert cameras in areas that experience frequent dumping of illegal waste such as bulky waste like fridges and furniture, black bags and other waste that obstructs the pavement or clogs pathways. Individuals who are captured dumping illegal waste will be prosecuted. In 2017, the Neighbourhood Enforcement team issued ten £200 fixed penalty notices for major fly-tipping incidents, and 104 £75 for minor ones.

“We spend a large amount of resources on clearing fly-tipping from our streets and pavements every year, says Councillor Kye Dudd, Member for Energy, Waste and Regulatory Services. “Alleviating this pressure would mean that Bristol Waste crews can spend more time on the other essential jobs they do to keep our city tidy.”

The local community also welcomes the initiative. Rob Umphray from Keep Bristol Tidy notes that, “huge efforts have been made to encourage people to accept responsibility for the waste that they produce. However, there are numbers of residents, landlords and businesses from across the spectrum, who continue to fly-tip and dump their waste regardless of the negative effects on communities and businesses alike.”

“Modern cameras will produce high quality evidence," said Umphray. “This will help hold responsible those whose actions blight our communities by prosecution via the legal system.”

Fly-tipping is illegal and poses serious health and safety risks to residents, especially those who may find traversing the pavement more difficult, eg the visually impaired and those using prams or wheel chairs. A maximum fine of £50,000 could be given to anyone who is caught dumping waste. 

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